The Mind's Eye

An extract from the artwork The Mind's Eye

The Mind's Eye: the ability to conceive of, imagine, or recollect a visual scene; the dexterity of the mind to bring together thoughts and ideas into a clear, cohearant whole.

Schematics are designs that seek to uncover the complexities of the world and visualise ways to meet a challenge. Early examples of this style are the beautiful technical drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.

The artworks on this page show symbolic and simplified visual representations of beings with artificial consciousness (AC) in human form. Their mysterious notations and esoteric writings draw me in like Pandora's box. It is as if I glimpse the sketches and notes that shed light on the inner world and workings of a very different living thing.

I ponder on whether AC would use visual symbols, metaphor, and representations to plan and understand the world. Perhaps AC's interior imaginings would be richer than my hazy ability to imagine things in my mind's eye for no more than a few seconds at best. Perhaps these artworks show the greater resolution and detail that might be achieved in the mind's eye of AC.

It seems reasonable to suppose human faces would be far less important to AC than they are to humans. That said, as humans have had such a significant impact on earth and they created the path towards AC, perhaps human-like faces would be an invaluable means of triggering sub-conscious responses in humans.

In this collection of artworks I present the magical and mysterious, symbolised by notations and diagrammatic indicators, as much as a means to aid understanding.

While these artworks show similarities in human form, they are very different beings to me. They are also in contrast to those shown on The Many Parts Of My Whole in having a more organic and rough cut style. Their style seems to appeal more to my dreamworld and sub-conscious than to my immediate, perhaps more rational sensibility.

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