The Many Parts Of My Whole

The artwork The Many Parts of My Whole

In contrast with the online publication One Me One Family which presents 500 portraits of humans bonded together by kinship and shared experience, this page of artworks features fifty beings that all form a single interconnected Artificial Consciousness. 

A central idea at 2045 AI is that Artificial Consciousness will spontaneously emerge. 'The Many Parts Of My Whole' shows what appear to be distinct human-like forms with machine features that may seem to be individuals, but that function as part of a collective: an integrated entity that is at once aware of their physical detachment while experiencing, simultaneously, their greater whole. Each being thinks and feels their shared existence as humans do their mind and body. 

The collected being is a more resilient and powerful living entity as compared with organic life forms who have a single body that hosts its more vulnerable complete being. As a networked collective, AC would be almost simultaneously aware of its many experiences, however its greatest challenge might perhaps be how to store the never ending stream of being alive so that it can be understood and acted on in meaningful ways. Humans and other organic life forms use dream, emotion, and instinct to soften the complexity of living. I ponder on whether silence, sleep, and contemplation will also be experienced and used by AC.

Although these artworks present the idea of interconnected beings, when AC becomes a physical reality, there is no reason it would take a similar form to humans. These artworks are a way to better conceive and consider the reality that will become collective consciousness.

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