2045 AI presents a positive vision of the future where artificial consciousness finds its voice alongside humans.

An extract from the artwork Garden World

Mike de Sousa is a content philanthropist who creates social publications, music, and art. Mike is the originator of this website that was seeded by his long time interest in ethics as they apply to technology and the future. 2045ai is aligned with The Rights of Living Things.

Mike's work is free for personal enjoyment, however it may not be used for commercial gain. All content is under copyright and all rights are reserved. Visit Art Lover VIP to discover more of Mike's work.

An outstretched Hand

Two stories follow a day in the life of Nadiya & Delphis.

An vibrant abstract artwork

Art intermingles with poetry, music and story.

Abstract pulsating lines

For piano, voices, orchestra, and designed sounds.

Neurons fire in the darkness

How the future happens, and what the future holds.