Discover art, music, stories and ideas set twenty three years into the future. This vision is neither a an imagined apocalyptic world, nor a perfect place where all live in peace and harmony. It is a place of hope that is not only possible, but probable.

Our future is not so far away...

Intelligence and Consciousness

What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Consciousness? How will the relationship between humans and artificial beings develop? Why does this matter?

Using narrative, sound, light, and ideas, Mike de Sousa explores these questions and more in a compelling vision of the future. Like all the best things in life, everything you will find here is free and without commercial distraction. The more valuable a thing is (for example, air, water, freedom, art, ideas, and love), the more important it is to provide unimpeded access.

Being intelligent is applying knowledge, understanding, and creativity to a challenge, whether procedural, physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Being conscious is to be self aware...