Waiting In The Darkness

The artwork Waiting In The Darkness

The same figure is shown with different lighting and brush strokes. The first artwork is called Waiting in the Darkness, and the second, Waiting in the Dark.

The darkness here represents the unknown, and this may be from the point of view of the figure, or from the person looking at them. I wonder what they are waiting for. Perhaps because their eyes seem closed, my first thought was that the figure is an empty shell. A container that is waiting to become. 

Depending on my mood and state of optimism, I feel differently about their dispassionate expression. If I am positive I become more curious about them. If I feel emotionally negative, I consider their risk to me and wait in the shadow of their darkness. What if this is the shell of a combatant who has no place in their artificial intelligence that considers or cares for me? What if this is an artificial being made to assist those in need?

I choose to see what is there, rather than what is not.

The future captivates my imagination, in part so that I am prepared.

. . .

Waiting In The Dark